About us

Once upon a time, there were two girls… They spent years traveling the world, chasing dreams, and wandering into the unknown.. Making each place they visited their homes for as long as they could. Emerging deeply into each culture, and embracing everything that each experience had to offer. 
Feeling deeply inspired by that, and guided by their professional backgrounds that include fashion and music, they decided on sharing some of that beauty with the world. And that’s how HARMONIA came to life. Its a materialization of those dreams, a rhythmical creation of beauty, a movement of love.  Its here to inspire and to release the creative power of self expression from within. 
Our brand consists of a conceptual curation of pieces from different designers that represent our vision and mission. 
 Wear them with an open heart, and they might take you on wonderful journeys wherever you go.. 
Love & Harmony,
Gaby and Dani.